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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

July 11th, 2011 (in exile)

9:59 PM PFM Generale / Impressioni di Settembre / Per Un Amico The Award-Winning Marconi Bakery Peters International (cosmos series)
9:46 PM Ladyman Floppy Sacks Viagra Opus The Agriculture
9:42 PM Achilleas Poulos Cefti Telli Gazel To What Strange Place - The Music of the Ottoman-American Diaspora (1916-1929) Tompkins Square
9:39 PM The Zombies She's Not Here / Summertime The Zombies Parrot
9:28 PM Bob Dylan My Back Pages Another Side of Bob Dylan Columbia
9:22 PM Kid 606 Yr Inside the Smallest Rave on Earth Who Still Kill Sound?
9:17 PM Sun Ra Interstellar Low-Ways Cosmos Inner City
9:11 PM Caroliner Salt Lumps Banknotes, Dreams & Signatures
9:07 PM Kelis Young Fresh n' New Young Fresh n' New Virgin
9:06 PM Super Sounds Isalwa Kuchelwa Viva Zimbabwe! Earthworks
8:59 PM The McCoury Brothers You've Got The Look of a Perfect Diamond The McCoury Brothers Rounder
8:59 PM The Cure Fascination Street Fascination Street
8:48 PM Jacki Apple side 1 (excerpt) The Mexican Tapes One Ten Records
8:39 PM Tod Dockstader Second Song Quatermass Owl
8:37 PM unknown Maui & Maui Girl Hawaiian Luau Riviera
8:25 PM Komeda Flabbergast What Makes It Go? Minty Fresh
8:24 PM unknown unknown that russian 10" again that I still don't have translated
8:24 PM Steven Hess/Miles Tilmann Cascades Departures Other Electricities
8:17 PM Carlos Garnett Dance of the Virgins The New Love Muse
8:16 PM Leaving Trains Bleach in the Fishtank Loser Illusion Pt. 0 SST
8:08 PM Big Nick & the Gospel Heavyweights No No Nebuchadnezzar God Has Been Gracious Nashboro
8:05 PM Amer Ammouri Rohani Takasim Oud Hollywood Music Center
8:04 PM Paul and Paula Two People In the World Young Lovers Philips

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