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Thursday, August 18, 2011

August 18th, 2011

5:31 PM Robert Wyatt Stay Tuned Comicopera
5:23 PM Corwin Trails Pop む(sic) [Music]
5:19 PM Hugh Hopper & Alan Gowen Seen through a door Two Rainbows Daily Red
5:09 PM Paul Sturm Dear Mom Long Distance
4:59 PM Carl Stone Woo Lae Oak, Part 1 Woo Lae Oak Electro-Acoustic Music
4:21 PM Peter Sinfield & Brian Eno In A Land of Clear Colours In A Land of Clear Colours Voiceprint
4:19 PM Terry Riley Across the Lake of the Ancient Word / Anthem of the Trinity Shri Camel Columbia
4:17 PM Alvin Lucier 1 Music on a Long Thin Wire Lovely
4:12 PM The Haters Glsam In the Shade of Fire Silent
4:10 PM Joan LaBarbara Klee Alee Reluctant Gypsy
4:08 PM Graveyards side A Screwed & Chopped Brokenresearch

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