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Monday, September 26, 2011

September 26th, 2011

5:27 PM unknown Bees Music from the Heart of Africa: Burundi Nonesuch
5:23 PM Lonnie Johnson & Victoria Spivey Leave Me Or Love Me Idle Hours Prestige
5:16 PM Robert Wyatt Seasong Rock Bottom
5:13 PM Mystery Man Hole in the Wall Cafe Blues Mix: Vol. 2 - Old School Blues Ecko
5:09 PM Thomas Dolby Simone A Map of the Floating City
4:56 PM Swimsuit Empire Swimsuit Lifelike
4:51 PM Robert Miller Cosmic Wind (George Crumb) Makrokosmos Vol. II Columbia Odyssey
4:46 PM Caroliner Maple Truck Tires Rear End Hernia Puppet Show Subterranean
4:42 PM Jan Garbarek Group Singsong Wayfarer ECM
4:40 PM Efisio Melis Ballu Logudorese Les Launeddas En Sargaigne
4:26 PM Avsenik Quintet My Father Has Two Horses Yugoslavia: the music of Slovenia Monitor
4:23 PM Peter Ivers Rock and Roll Embarrassment Peter Ivers WB
4:20 PM Albert Schweitzer Fugue in C (J.S. Bach) Schweitzer Plays Bach - Vol. 1
4:19 PM Britney Spears I Wanna Go [live; excerpt] none
4:08 PM Tim Berne The Glasco Cowboy The Five-Year Plan Empire

4:05 PM Kate Bush Experiment #4 The Whole Story EMI
4:04 PM Ngararanui Maori Cultural Group Toia te Arawa Now Is The Hour Viking
3:50 PM Rubber O) Cement Touch of Terrs and Unusual Phrasing: drowning a sapogenin compound in a body chromatophore / deadly bragpipe overture / singed whistle & the spayed liar Resistor
3:41 PM The Arthur Pryor Band Battleship Connecticut March The Sousa & Pryor Bands: Original Recordings 1901-1926 New World Records
3:31 PM Youssou n'Dour Taaw Immigrés Earthworks / Virgin
3:26 PM PFFR PFR Boom United We Doth
3:23 PM PFM Four Holes in the Ground PFM Cook Manticore
3:22 PM Herb Kern / Lloyd Sloop Stumbling
3:14 PM Paul Jacobs Quatre Études de rhythme - 1. Ile de feu 1: Presque vif - 2. Mode de valeurs et d'intensitiés: Modéré (Olivier Messiaen) Piano Etudes by Bartók, Busoni, Messiaen, Stravinsky Nonesuch
3:11 PM unknown Ministro Gatuno Angola: Forward, People's Power! Paredon
3:07 PM Art Zoyd Sortie 134 (Part Two) Le Mariage du Ciel et de l'enfer Cryonic
3:05 PM Herb Kern / Lloyd Sloop Tiger Rag

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