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Monday, November 7, 2011

November 7th, 2011

5:32 PM Sun Araw Lucretius Ancient Romans Sun Ark
5:24 PM Mukam Art Troupe Missing My Lover Don't Torment Me, Dear: xinjiang Folk Songs
5:17 PM Ensemble ISI Surakarta Ladrang PANGKUR Gamelan of Central Java xii: Pangkur One Felmay
5:14 PM Uarziev Kudari Zarond Lechi Zarag Before the Revolution: A 1909 Expedition to the Caucasus and Central Asia by the Gramophone Company British Library
5:03 PM Venetian Snares Koonut-Kaliffee Detrimentalist Planet Mu
4:57 PM The Sousa Band The Patriot The Sousa and Pryor Bands: Original Recordings 1901-1926 New World Records
4:53 PM Charlie Chaplin speech
4:48 PM Alisher Allambergenov Aytalmasam ashiqlig'imdi Karakalpakstan: Synth Pop from the remains of the Aral Sea
4:43 PM Roy Nathanson Sunrise, Sunset Sotto Voce AUM Fidelity
4:20 PM Anthony Braxton Composition No. 116 Four Compositions (Quartet) 1984 Black Saint
4:17 PM Soulwax Miserable Girl Part of the Weekend Never Dies Pias
4:17 PM Dennis Scott Down in the Bathtub Songs That Tickle Your Funny Bone Vol. III Wonderland
4:09 PM Alisher Allambergenov Baralmadim qasin'a Karakalpakstan: Synth Pop from the remains of the Aral Sea Sublime Frequencies?
4:04 PM The Stan Lee Revue Soon I Will Be Done Heaven Is Mine Savoy
4:03 PM Laura Nyro The Bells Gonna Take A Miracle Columbia
3:56 PM Lazarus Kgagudi Lies Are No Good Lazarus Kgagudi 3 Tusk
3:43 PM John Coltrane Mars Interstellar Space Impulse!
3:40 PM Charlemagne Palestine Schlingen-Blängen Schlingen-Blängen New World Records
3:39 PM Franz Kamin Behavioral Drift II (1975) Behavioral Drift II / Rugugmool Station Hill
3:38 PM Benham Manahedji Gusheh Chakavak Master of Persian Santoor
3:23 PM J.B. Hutto & the New Hawks Why Do Things Happen To Me? Slippin' and Slidin' Varrick
3:19 PM Erkin Koray Goca Dünya Mechul: Singles and Rarities Sublime Frequencies
3:15 PM Piero Milesi The Procession The Nuclear Observatory of Mr. Nanof Cuneiform
3:09 PM Eternel Docteur Nico La Jolie Bebe 1967 African
3:02 PM Ornette Coleman Harmolodic Bebop Opening the Caravan of Dreams Caravan of Dreams

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