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Monday, December 5, 2011

December 5th, 2011

5:23 PM Sun Ra They Dwell On Other Planes Blue Delight A&M
5:18 PM Amon Düül II Surrounded By The Stars Wolf City United Artists 

5:16 PM Yellow Magic Orchestra Citizens of Science x (infinity) multiplies A&M
5:07 PM Teruo Nakamura Red Shoes Rising Sun Polydor
4:58 PM Captain Beefheart Captain's Holiday Bluejeans & Moonbeams Mercury
4:52 PM David Murray Bechet's Bounce Live at the Lower Manhattan Ocean Club vol. 1 India Navigation
4:52 PM Andrezej Hiolski Tren Vi (Stanislaw Moniuszko) Songs from the "Song-Books for Home Use" Muza
4:50 PM John McCormack Oh, Come, All Ye Faithful 78rpm (single-sided) Victrola
4:46 PM Erroll Garner You Made Me Love You / As Time Goes By A Night at the Movies MGM
4:28 PM Fredy Pulver Family Tanz der Nationen Gotthard (Night Boat) Top-Disc
4:21 PM Connie Dover Peggy and the Soldier If I Ever Return
4:17 PM Comets on Fire Jaybird Avatar Sub Pop
4:15 PM The Polish Song and Dance Ensemble Kadzioleczka Mazowske Muza
4:01 PM Vladimir Horowitz Nocturne in E Minor / Mazurka in B Minor (Chopin) Horowitz in Concert Columbia
3:59 PM Philadelphia Orchestra Dance Macabre (Saint-Saens) 78rpm RCA Victor
3:50 PM Patsy Montana Dear Willie Cowboy Songs & Ballads Old Homestead
3:43 PM Sun Ra Enlightenment Jazz In Silhouette Saturn
3:37 PM Kmiecik and His Orchestra Poprzez Polskie Lany Journey Into Poland Monitor
3:31 PM Tom Van Der Geld & Children at Play Golden Stabs Patience ECM
3:30 PM The North Quarry Street Irregulars Johnny Has Gone For A Soldier Sing for Fayette County
3:20 PM Chico Freeman Minstrels' Sun Dance Kings of Mali India Navigation
3:19 PM Mocedades If you Miss Me From the Back of the Bus Eres Tu (Touch the Wind) Tara
3:11 PM Wilfred Chevis and the Texas Zydeco Band Talkin About My Baby Foot Stompin' Zydeco Maison de Soul

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