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Monday, January 23, 2012

January 23rd, 2012


5:30 PM Doobie Bros. Listen to the Music Best of the Doobies WB
5:23 PM Rez Abbasi Look Around Third Ear Dutch East India Trading
5:18 PM Psychic TV (remixed by Greedy Beat Syndicate) S.M.I.L.E. Beyond Thee Infinite Beat Wax Trax
5:11 PM The O'Neal Twins and the First Baptist Church-Hamilton Park Mass Choir He'll Give You Peace in the Midst of the Storm He'll Give You Peace in the Midst of the Storm Savoy
5:08 PM Etta James Strange Man Deep In The Night WB
4:55 PM Jackie McLean & Gary Bartz Watercircle Ode to Super Inner City
4:51 PM Los Calchakis Concierto en la Llanura Indian Flutes, Harps and Guitars Musical Heritage Society
4:50 PM The Gary S. Paxton Singers "Good Thing" Medley - I'm Hooked on a Good Thing / The World Didn't Give it To Me / Learning To Live like a Child of the King The Gospel According to "Gary S." Paragon
4:44 PM Capillary Action Unnecessary Surgery Capsized Natural Selection
4:44 PM Jackie McLean & Gary Bartz Monk's Dance Ode to Super Inner City
4:43 PM Roxy Music Seabreeze Roxy Music Reprise
4:25 PM Soft Machine Bone Soft Machine 5 Columbia
4:25 PM Thomas Dolby Windpower The Golden Age of Wireless Harvest
4:18 PM Kate Bush Breathing Never For Ever EMI
4:13 PM Dolly Parton 9 to 5 Greatest Hits RCA
4:05 PM Faust It's A Rainy Day, Sunshine Girl So Far
3:54 PM Hermeto Pascoal Bells Hermeto Muse
3:52 PM Capillary Action Methheads & Mormons Capsized Natural Selection
3:44 PM Lucas Santtana I Can't live Far From My Music Sem Nostalgia Mais Um Discos
3:39 PM Jelly Roll Morton Grandpa's Spells Jelly Roll Plays Jelly Roll Olympic
3:28 PM Frank Zappa Waka/Jawaka Waka/Jawaka Rykodisc
3:23 PM Unknown Track A2 Taiwanese Folk Songs Jiafeng Records
3:17 PM The Mass Choir of the National Convention of Gospel Choirs & Choruses (Thomas A. Dorsey, soloist) Precious Lord, Take My Hand Let Us Go Back To God Savoy
3:06 PM Don Ellis Orchestra Final Analysis Live at Fillmore Columbia

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