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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

April 13th, 2011

1:54 PM Marcus Elliott Quartet Looking Forward Looking Forward
1:50 PM Billy Bang Ly Ngua O Vietnam: Reflections
1:49 PM Billy Bang Playful Spring, 1. Brass Bow 2. The Elephant & the Mosquito Changing Seasons
1:44 PM Billy Bang Maat Untitled Gift Anima
1:27 PM Billy Bang Petty Tyrants The Fire From Within Soul Note
12:47 PM The Mothers of Invention full album We're Only In It For The Money Verve
12:42 PM Richard Twice More Or Less Nothing Richard Twice
12:40 PM The Rolling Stones Dear Doctor Beggar's Banquet
12:35 PM Keith Jarrett Diatribe Shades Impulse
12:12 PM Ali Akbar Khan Raga Goojjari Todi Ragas of India Connoisseur Society
12:04 PM Caroliner Woven Moon of Sun Straws Toodoos
12:03 PM Rebecca Black Friday [in reverse]

11:44 AM Dr. Umezu Band Pop Up Live at Moers Festival Moers Music
11:39 AM Trio Improvvisazione Daily [Like A Breath] Metalanguage
11:38 AM Giovanna Daffini Sacco e Vanzetti Avanti, Popolo! Revolutionary Songs of the Italian Working Class Paredon
11:27 AM Olle i Skratthult Lördagsvalsen (Saturday Waltz) Early Scandanavian Bands & Entertainers Banjar
11:20 AM Robin Trower Bridge of Sighs Bridge of Sighs Chrysalis
11:07 AM Simon Preston Combat de la Mort et de la Vie (Olivier Messiaen) Les Corps Glorieux
11:06 AM The Red Krayola I'm So Blasé Hazel

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