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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

April 27th, 2011

2:07 PM Eureka Brass Band Eternity The Music of New Orleans Folkways
2:04 PM Utah Phillips IWW Preamble / The Organizer Rebel Voices: Songs of the IWW performed by the members of Entertainment Workers IU 630 IWW Flying Fish
1:58 PM Leon Patillo Temple to the Sky Dance Children Dance
1:56 PM Trio Bulgarka Sluntseto Trepti Zauda (The Sun Is Setting) The Forest Is Crying (Lament for Indje Voivode) Hannibal
1:52 PM Trio Bulgarka Sedyankata Ye Na Razvala (The Working-Bee is Over) The Forest Is Crying (Lament for Indje Voivode) Hannibal
1:47 PM Muzsikás Hajnali Nóta (Morning Song) A Rough Guide To Hungarian Music World Music Network
1:39 PM James Blackshaw Part 7 All Is Falling Young God
1:20 PM The Royal Greek Festival Company Ionian Islands - 1. Lefkaditikos 2. Yialo-Yialo 3. Ballos 4. xypna Daktilidostomi Greek Folk Songs and Dances Everest
1:14 PM Annette Peacock Pony I'm The One RCA
1:08 PM Margareth Menezes Elegibo (Uma Historia de Ife) Elegibo Mango
1:05 PM The Ohinemutu Maori Cultural Group E Kui Mai Songs of the Maori Viking
1:04 PM King Crimson Larks Tongues in Aspic pt. 1 Larks Tongues in Aspic Atlantic
1:03 PM Hasan Leyli cuye humam (Love Song) Kurdish Folk Music from Western Iran Folkways
12:43 PM Rita Abadzi Ise Póndos Greek - Oriental Songs and Dances Folklyric
12:40 PM Captain Beefheart Gimme Dat Harp Boy Safe as Milk [bonus trackz]
12:37 PM Howlin' Wolf If I Were A Bird Message to the Young Chess
12:31 PM Captain Beefheart Big Eyed Beans from Venus Clear Spot
12:27 PM S. Malagamba / M. Block Cu Tine Nu Pot Sa Ma Cert Muzica Usoara Romaneasca
12:18 PM BBC Symphony Orchestra Chronocrhomie (Olivier Messiaen) Messiaen / Boulez / Koechlin Argo
12:12 PM Kate Bush Full House Lionheart EMI
12:07 PM Avsenik Quintet Tam Kjer Murke Cveto The Music of Slovenia Monitor / Jugoton
12:06 PM Hypnotic Brass Ensemble Balicky Bon

12:01 PM Caroliner I Am Empty, Empty Eyes Switch Wine Can't Do It, Wife Won't Do!
11:59 AM Cecil Lytle Seekers of the Truth, pt. 4 The Complete Piano Music of Georges I. Gurdjieff and Thomas De Hartmann Celestial Harmonies
11:52 AM Ellen Fullman Receding Parade / Train Whistle Alternate Change of Direction New Albion
11:51 AM Morton Harvey I Didn't Raise My Boy To Be A Soldier Praise the Lord & Pass the Ammunition - Songs of World Wars I & II New World Records
11:42 AM Ambrose Akinmusire Regret (No More) When The Heart Emerges Glistening Blue Note
11:40 AM Pierre & Vladimir Svetlanoff Padmoskownia Vetshera (Lily Time) Music and Songs of White Russia - Mercury
11:35 AM Benny Goodman I Found a Million Dollar Baby Volume II: Clarinet a la King Columbia
11:27 AM Madarász Katalin The Mágocs Forest / Oh, Ah, Rosalie / Oh, Devil Cigánydalok - Gipsy Songs Qualiton
11:20 AM Diamanda Galas Ain't No Grave Can Hold My Body Down La Serpenta Canta Mute
11:20 AM Yma Sumac Medicine Man Miracles Omni
11:18 AM Dirty Dozen Brass Band John the Revelator This is the Dirty Dozen Brass Band collection
11:10 AM Aleksandr Pakmytova unknown title unknown album the Soviet Union state record label, whatever it's called
11:03 AM Bjork Heirloom Vespertine

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